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Clenbuterol course with Ketotifen, Thyroxine and Yohimbine

Duration of the course - 21 days.
Efficiency - high.
Risk of side effects - medium.

The course includes:

1 pack of Clenbuterol for 50 tablets (20mcg) Sopharma;
1 pack Ketotifen 30 tablets (1mg) Sopharma;
1 blister Thyroxine 25 tablets (25mcg) Euthyrox, Merck;
1 pack of Bisoprolol 50 tablets (5mg) Concor, Merck;
1 pack of Yohimbine 50 tablets (5mg) Yohimbine HCL.

1 course price: 85 eur

This stack of medicine is the most powerful for burning fat.
The high efficiency of the complex is due to the fact that thyroxine (or triiodothyronine) is able not only to accelerate metabolism and trigger fat burning independently, but also to increase the sensitivity of adrenoreceptors through which clenbuterol and yohimbine act

For one unit, the following combination of drugs is adopted:

Clenbuterol - 40 mcg (2 tablets);
Thyroxine - 25 mcg (1 tablet);
Yohimbine - 5 mg (1 tablets).

day 1-3: 1 unit.
day 4-6: 1.5 units.
day 7-9: 1 unit In the morning, 1 unit. after lunch
day 10-12: 1.5 units.
day 13-15: 1 unit
day 16-19: 0.5 units.
day 20-21: 0, 25 units.

In the next three weeks it is recommended to give the body a rest, after which the course can be repeated. In the intervals between the courses continue to take ketotifen.
All substances (except ketotifen) should be taken 30 minutes before breakfast, washed down with plain water.

In the event of a febrile condition, 1-2 mg of ketotifen is recommended in the afternoon(or before bed time). To protect the heart and reduce the heart rate, it is necessary to use beta-blockers (metoprolol/bisoprolol at a dose of 2.5-5 mg 1-2 times a day).

Do not forget to take enough protein, BCAA and other cortisol blockers during the cycle, this will significantly improve the result. Observe the appropriate diet for weight loss or fat burning.

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1 course price: 85 eur