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Melanotan 2 - for the athlete (men) - burning fat and improving erection

Melanotan 2 is a peptide, a synthetic analogue of natural melanocortin (a peptide that stimulates the synthesis of melanin and determines the tanning of the skin), has an aphrodisiac properties, which is confirmed by research.

 Melanotan 2 was first synthesized at the University of Arizona as a protection against skin cancer (since the melanin pigment has a protective function, blocking out ultraviolet rays). Scientists have found that natural melanocortin has a short half-life, so it cannot be used as a drug, so it was decided to modify its formula to increase the stability of the molecule. After synthesis and screening of a large number of substances by Victor J. Hruby and Mac E. Hadley, the peptide [Nle4, D-Phe7] -α-MSH was found, which was about 1000 times more potent than natural melanocortin. It was later named Melanotan 2 and was patented.

Pharmacological group: peptide, synthetic analog of natural melanocortin.
Efficiency of Melanotan 2
  • Melanotan 2 is especially relevant for weightlifting and bodybuilding. In fact, besides the effect on the skin due to stimulation of pigment production, the product has a number of related functions:
  • Reduces appetite;
  • Works as a fat burner;
  • Activates the production of testosterone and strengthens the erection (within 2 hours after the first injection).
The following side effects of Melanotan 2 are known to be:
  • Redness of the skin
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Dark spots on the skin that can grow in size (reversible).
  • Prolonged erection
Melanotan freckle-free scheme.
Do not use Melanotan 2 in huge dosages and with fanatical constancy; do not abuse ultraviolet light in the first week and do not forget about skin moisturizing.
Fairly normal dosages for people with white skin would be 100-200 mcg every day or every 1-2 days for 7-10 days. During that time, you can allow yourself a couple of times to tan for 30 minutes. To achieve your desired skin tone and minimize the likelihood of "melanotan freckles" do not exceed the dosage and do not stay in the sun for long periods of time. Allow your body to accumulate melanin on its own. Melanotan 2 should only act as a kind of "springboard" in this process, which will prevent the appearance of burns.
The "fastest tanning + freckles" scheme (aka "accumulation and maintenance" scheme).
This is the classic Melanotan 2 scheme. It consists in increasing melanin concentration strongly during first few days and then maintaining it during the whole period of Melanotan use. It looks like this: starting from the first day of use, Melanotan 2 must be put at 25% of your "norm" dosage, and each subsequent day increase it by 25%. By the fourth day, you will reach 100% of your "norm" dosage, and until you achieve the desired tan shade every day you need to put that 100%. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say exactly what your "norm" is. It is recommended to start with skin phototype, but there are several classifications of skin phototypes (the most complete and understandable is the Fitzpatrick classification), and the suggested phototypes do not take into account the possibility of "melanotan freckles".  Applying Melanotan 2 according to this scheme will certainly help you tan, but becoming spotty is also possible.
Finally, it is very important to note that none of the chosen schemes will protect you from sunburn if you abuse sunbathing from the first days of Melanotan 2 use. When using such a stimulant as Melanotan 2, you should sunbathe slowly, starting with short sessions of being under ultraviolet radiation. Otherwise, there is a high risk of sunburn.

Form of release: vials for injections.


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Manufacturer: Nanox, China.

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