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THYMOSINE BETA-4, or TB-500, is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring 43 amino acid peptide found in nearly all human and animal cells studied.

TB500 is known to stimulate myoblasts and myocytes (muscle-generating cells). The levels of mitochondrial TB500 RNA have been shown to increase after muscle injury, promoting muscle fiber regeneration and eliminating inflammation at the injured site. The data support muscle damage causing an increase in local TB500 production, facilitating the migration of incoming myoblasts to accelerate skeletal muscle regeneration.

Thymosin beta 4 - a modern drug for muscle growth

TB500 is on the list of synthetic peptides - analogs of substances found in the human body. This component increases physical strength, speed and endurance, therefore it is actively used in sports.

Benefits of Thymosin Beta 4

TB500 has undergone a number of studies and clinical trials, based on which the following advantages of this substance have been highlighted:

  • accelerated growth of muscle fibers;
  • improvement of muscle tone;
  • acceleration of metabolism between cells;
  • restoration of tissues in the body;
  • easing muscle spasms;
  • help to maintain flexibility;
  • reduction of inflammatory processes in tissues and joints;
  • activation of nutritional components;
  • prevention of adhesions.

The synthetic peptide is taken by professional bodybuilders in preparation for a competition. In terms of effectiveness, Thymosin beta 4 surpasses all existing medications used in active sports. This substance is not a drug and is not detected during a doping test. There are no harmful components in the composition of the drug, therefore it is used both during training in the hall and during competitions.

Thymosin beta 4 is used to heal injuries and prevent overstrain of the heart. Cardioprotective qualities made the drug popular in cyclic sports. In fitness and bodybuilding, the substance does not give one hundred percent results. For some athletes, Thymosin Beta 4 has not been successful in gaining muscle mass. However, the peptide has been shown to be effective in relieving the stress on the heart caused by heavy interval and repetitive training.

Officially, WADA prohibits the use of Thymosin beta 4, since it is part of substances that enhance the physical capabilities of a person, but there is no exact way to determine it in the body.

How to take TB-500 (Thymosin Beta-4)?

Thymosin Beta-4 (TB-500) is administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Recommended for use for the treatment of injuries, strengthening the heart.
Loading phase: Dose of 2-6 mg per week, divided into two injections (e.g., 2 mg each: Monday, Wednesday). Duration: 1 month.
Support Phase: 2-4 mg per week divided into 2 injections. Duration: 1-2 months.

Alternative regimen

Loading dose: 10 mg the first week (1-2 mg per day), then 5 mg per week (optimally divided into 2 injections) for 5 weeks and a maintenance dose of 10 mg per month (2 mg every 6 days) is optimal and effective according to many US athletes using TB-500.
Total you get 18 vials of 2 mg for the first 6 weeks + 5 vials of 2 mg per month to maintain results.



A set consisting of 2-4 packs of TB-500 (10 or 20 vials total), 10-20 insulin syringes, 10-20 ampoules with water for injection and 10-20 alcohol wipes is available for purchase. The cost of this TB-500 Kit starts from € 185 including shipping. The possibility of delivery of such a set is not available for all countries, you can check the details by email.

Manufacturer: Nanox, China.

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