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MGF - Mechanical Growth Factor, a substance that is released in the body during exercise. They learned to get it synthetically and are actively used in sports. MGF was combined with a polyethylene glycol molecule by a pegylation process to form the peptide, PEG-MGF. This connection was necessary in order to extend the duration of the MFR. One MGF molecule was destroyed in the body in just a few minutes, which, accordingly, did not give the desired effect. After pegylation, the peptide received a high bioavailability, since its effect persists for a long time, the frequency of injections is sufficient 2-3 times a week.

A course lasting 5 weeks can cause:

  • active hyperplasia of muscle fibers, along with muscle growth;
  • acceleration of the fat burning process. During this period, the proportion of fat decreased on average by 5-6%
  • improvement of relief and venous drawing on the body;
  • Improving endurance and recovery from injury.

Also, PEG-MGF has other additional effects that are also valuable, among them: general rejuvenation of the body, lowering cholesterol levels, improving immune functions, a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system, and much more.


You can buy a set consisting of 5 vials of PEG MGF, 5 insulin syringes, 5 ampoules with water for injections and 5 alcohol wipes. The cost of PEG MGF Kit starts from € 180 including shipping and depends on the amount of product that you would like to buy. The possibility of delivery of such a set is not available for all countries, you can check the details by email.

Manufacturer: Nanox, China.

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