Erythropoietin ® beta

Epoetin beta (EPO, erythropoietin) in ampoules of 2000uu / ml. 10 vials in box (20000iu in total).

Mark "Erythropoietin".
Produced in a factory "ZAO Binnopharm", Russia.
Liquid EPO injections
Erythropoietin is ready for injection.


The influence of erythropoietin on human hematopoietic capacity attracts the interest of scientists and athletic trainers, as this allows to increase the resources of the human body.

Athletes use the property of the drug to affect the oxygen content in the blood and, consequently, improve the nutrition of the tissues.

First, erythropoietin is used in those sports where aerobic endurance is important. These include running for medium and long distances in track and field athletics, cycling and cross-country skiing.

Price 10 ampoules 1 ml = 170 EUR