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Cereton is a nootropic drug that is used to restore the functional activity of nerve cells in the brain. It is the source of choline, a substance that participates in the production of the most important CNS mediator of acetylcholine and ensures the normal course of metabolic reactions in the brain. 

The action of Cereton is due to the features of the active component - choline alfoscerate. The drug supplies choline to the central nervous system, where it is used to produce acetylcholine (a substance that provides nerve impulses) and phosphatidylcholine (a component of the cell membrane). As a result, the speed of impulses between neurons improves, the elasticity of the cell wall increases, the cells of the brain and the functions of damaged receptors are restored.

As far as Cereton's admission to the central nervous system, the following changes occur:

- Improved cognitive processes. Strengthens blood flow in the brain;
- Restores blood circulation in the affected parts of the central nervous system;
- In the central nervous system, metabolic reactions are activated;
- The phospholipid composition of the nerve cell membranes is restored;
- Symptoms of neurology disappear;
- The consciousness is normalized;
- Improved cognitive processes;
- Improved behavioral functions;
- Functional activity of nerve receptors is restored;
- Transmission of impulses between neurons is normalized;
- Improves memory, attention, concentration.

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14 caps 400mg = 85 EUR (free shipping to EU)
28 caps 400mg = 135 EUR (free shipping to worldwide)

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