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GL Somatropin®

GL-Somatropin® rhGH injection 10IU/ 3.33mg/ vial (10 vials box) China
Genetic Lab company has been working in the field of sports pharmacology for a long time and the specialists of the company know best what is needed for professional successful athletes. That's why the company developed a new drug, different from the rest of the peptides. Work on the creation was conducted for a long time. The thing is that the experts have tried to develop such a high-quality and unique formula of the product that Gl-Somatropin became a universal assistant to athletes of different levels.

Production of the Growth hormone 'Gl-Somatropin' is deployed abroad in one of the most advanced laboratories that has been manufacturing the Growth Hormone for a dozen years.

Degree of purification 99%
The content of the substance is more than 10 iu (3.33 mg)
5 generation of the bacterium Ecolli
Features of Gl-Somatropin Growth Hormone
Burns fats
Does not retain water
Rejuvenates the body
There are no peptide impurities
Strengthens bones, muscles and immunity

Recommendations for use

The drug is available in ampoules, each contains 10 ED of a unique product. What is the optimal dosage? The bodybuilder must answer this question himself. Analyze your own health, consult with the trainer. In general, the minimum rate of growth hormone Gl-Somatropin ranges from four to eight units of growth hormone, the maximum - from 12 to 16 units. Exceed her athletes is not recommended. Experts advise to divide the daily dosage into several injections. The site of the injection should be changed regularly to avoid negative consequences.

Price 170 EUR

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