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The device OrgonZaps - will destroy all parasites in your body.

OrgonZaps-M (modified) with remote electrodes

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OrgonZaps - New Healing Opportunities

What is OrgonZaps? The main purpose of the device is to destroy parasites of all types, from viruses to bacilli, both known and unknown. The body is simultaneously freed from all infections and receives a stream of revitalizing and strengthening energies. According to scientists, any person without signs of disease carries about 1 kg. parasites that live at the expense of the host. This can be avoided. OrgonZaps is your device if you decide to live without them.

This small device has an interesting and fairly long history. In the 20s of the last century, the American scientist Dr. Royal Reife discovered that a weak (about 1 mA) alternating current, the frequency of which coincides with the resonant frequency of pathogens, passing through living tissue, kills these pathogens in them (from worms to viruses) for fractions minutes.
At about the same time, another scientist, an American of Austrian origin, Dr. Wilhelgelm Reich, exploring for mankind for centuries known life energy (chi, ki, prana, mesmerism, etc.), which he called orgone, found ways of its accumulation and practical application, in t .h. and to improve health.
In the late 80s and early 90s, American doctor Hilda Clark discovered that Rife's exact sinusoidal frequencies can be replaced by a sequence of unipolar rectangular pulses, with the frequency being less important. She called her device a zapper, a fighter. The discovery of Dr. Hilda Clark changes our view on the cause of many diseases.

It turns out that absolutely all living things (including microorganisms) emit electromagnetic waves.

At the same time, the frequency range emitted by humans varies from 1520 to 9460 kilohertz, and pathogens (mold, viruses, bacteria, worms, ticks) have a radiation range of 77-900 kilohertz. Based on this, Clark proposed a method of treatment, which was called active bioresonance therapy (ABRT).

Dr. Clark is a medical practitioner and scientist who specializes in such difficult to treat diseases as cancer and AIDS. The method of Dr. H. Clark is not only highly effective, but also simple to implement and accessible to everyone. The discovery of Dr. Clark made a real sensation in the world. Tens of thousands of people have experienced its effectiveness.
In the 90s, a couple of American researchers, Don and Carol Croft, successfully combined Dr. Clark's pulse generator with orgone-multiplying elements according to Dr. Reich into a small apparatus, receiving a wonderful combined device to free the patient from pathogens and supply his vital energy, which was aptly called the Terminator.

For readers in English, we suggest watching: http://www.worldwithoutparasites.com

With the permission of the author Don Croft, analogues of this device are produced worldwide, including also in Latvia SIA "SAI" - the apparatus "OrgonZaps".

The apparatus is based on the principle discovered by Hilda Clark, which also allows you to successfully deal with the so-called “incurable” diseases - tumors, HIV / AIDS, SARS, avian and other flu, multiple sclerosis, rabies, etc.

“OrgonZaps” works by supplying a pulsating voltage (usually from a 9-volt battery) to the pores of the electrodes located on the human body, which leads to the flow of a pulsating current through the body, which has a detrimental effect on viruses, pathogens and bacteria.

It allows you to effectively treat both acute and chronic diseases, in the etiology and pathogenesis of which parasitic, bacterial and viral infections play an important role. In this case, infections can be either explicit, open manifesting, such as influenza, acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, pneumonia, etc., or hidden. This type of therapy is combined with any of its other types, such as pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, homeotherapy, acupuncture, etc. The effectiveness of “OrgonZaps” exceeds 90%.

In addition to the above, the apparatus used the method discovered by an American scientist of Austrian origin, Wilhelm Reich, and improved by a couple of American researchers Don and Carol Croft - orgone - a method of generating and concentration of life energy (prana, chi, torsion field - as who calls it). For these purposes, orgonite is used - micro-saws of metal in organic resin, complete with semiprecious stones - crystals of quartz, amethyst and garnet, as well as a small disk of a strong magnet made of neodymium, in the so-called Moebius coil. The presence of orgonite and crystals helps to get rid of the surrounding harmful electromagnetic radiation, - moreover, convert it into an orgone. A closer look can be found here: http://www.orgonics.com/whatisor.htm

In our apparatus “OrgonZaps” in relation to the original K. and D. Croft “Terminator” there are small but useful changes. While maintaining the full functionality of the original, the 9 V battery is replaced by two 1.5 V (together 3 V; the device itself generates 12 V). Firstly, the energy consumption of two 1.5 V batteries is 2 times greater (the duration is longer), but the price is significantly lower, which is not unimportant.

Secondly, unlike the American version, where when the elements are discharged, the output parameters also gradually weaken, our OrgonZaps device, thanks to the built-in voltage regulator, even with deep discharge of the batteries, the device is invariably functional.
Thus, the body is cleansed of all possible infections, and at the same time receives a life-giving and strengthening flow of energy. According to many users around the world, no deterioration in health or side effects are observed.

Compare with the advertised Russian counterparts Homeoton -  420 USD, Paracelsus - 300 USD or Life Energy DETA-AP - 550 USD, and other analogues.
Unlike these devices, OrgonZaps made in Latvia is not crammed with unnecessary features.

The description of the healing effect of the device given here is not a compulsion to self-treatment. Always contact your healthcare provider first.

You can download Dr. H. Clark’s book “The Cure for all Diseases” here: english

What is interesting about this device in our context? It has been found that pathogens are often the causes of many malaise conditions (including male fertility). The release of your body from them improves the general condition and tone, as well as male potency!

Do not save on your health, pleasure and joy!

Price: 85 EUR 

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Continuation of a story:

Below you can download a book that can truly change our whole life. She, of course, is the most outstanding and revolutionary among books of this kind. More than 20 years of scientific work, Dr. Clark crowned discovery in 1990, which became a real sensation in the treatment of cancer, peptic ulcer disease, diseases of the female organs, hypertension and other diseases.

Dr. Clark is a medical practitioner and scientist who specializes in such difficult to treat diseases as cancer and AIDS. The method of Dr. H. Clark is not only highly effective, but also simple to implement and accessible to everyone. The discovery of Dr. Clark made a real sensation in the world. Tens of thousands of people have experienced its effectiveness.