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Original Ansomone 100IU injection online. 

Brand: Anke Bio

Manufacturer: Anhui Anke Biotechology (Group) Co., Ltd.
Ansomone is a well-known recombinant human growth hormone of high quality, which is widely used not only in the domestic market of China, but also exported to many other countries and regions. This growth hormone has a high biological activity and degree of purification, which corresponds to the standards of pharmacopoeias of Europe, China and the United States.

Composition Ansomone is a synthetic analogue of HGH, containing 191 amino acids. Available drug in the form of powder, packaged in vials.
The pack contains equal quantities of powder ampoules and vials of bacteriostatic liquid for injection.

Ansomone has been researched, developed and independently manufactured by AnkeBio (Anhui Anke Biotechology), which currently has all the rights to this drug.

Price = 240 EUR

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