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Jintropin ®

Jintropin (HGH) 50IU Kit (China) 

Jintropin to maintain youth. Produced in China, blocks the destructive processes in the body, stimulating tissue regeneration.

It helps strengthen bones, convert fat into muscle mass, form a good immunity, improve skin color, enhance hair growth and increase attention. This is a very popular product among athletes.

A world-famous drug of the highest quality.
The drug of choice of stars of American show business and athletes around the world.

Only here you can buy the original Jintropin with delivery to the US, EU, UK and other countries for reasonable price.

This is a completely legal pharmacy drug. To each order on your request we can attach a check about payment with the requisites of the pharmacy. All degrees of protection are present, including protective fibers.

5 Ampules of 10 IU in each, in a set of 5 syringes and 5 ampoules with a solvent (bacteriostatic water). 50 IU total in the box.

Price = 190 EUR