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Buy a Kratom package - the second package as a gift!
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Okeny's spray for penis

For many men, a full ("iron") erection seems to be a bit lacking; So here this remedy can be a savior in such situations. And prolong sexual intercourse!


Male Sex Spray - (Retardant) Delay and powerful ejaculation.
Promotes blood flow into the corpus cavernosum of the penis.

Net weight: 10ml

Ingredients: Water, Bitter Ginseng Extract, Seahorse Extract, Sophóra flavéscens Extract, Fructus Cnidii Extract, Cortex Phellodendri Bark Extract, Clove Extract, Sativus Crocus Flower Extract, Aloe extract.

Main application: Enhancing erection, delaying ejaculation, improving the quality of sex life

Usage: 30 minutes before sex, spray a small amount on the outer skin of the penis up to the glans, rub into the skin of the penis with light massage movements, please do not rub into the glans, use 1 time during 1 intercourse.
Prolongs intercourse up to 60 minutes.

Precautions for use:
1. Do not spray on the head of the penis;
2. Please rinse with warm water if any discomfort after rubbing;
3. For oral sex, please flush your penis 30 minutes after spraying this product;
4. This product cannot be used on skin with rashes or abrasive wounds or allergic skin

1. This product does not cure impotence;
2. Cannot be used to prevent sexually transmitted diseases;
3. This product is made by Chinese traditional medical formula, harmless and safe for the human body;
4. Avoid eye contact with this product, and please keep it properly away from children.

Some men choose a cream, oil, or spray to enhance sexual performance or to enlarge the penis, rather than penis medication in pill form. The reasons for this choice vary. But more often than not, a man chooses to use a cream or oil because its effects are almost immediate, instead of a pill, which must be taken no later than an hour before sex. Cream or oil can also be used during foreplay.

Some brands add desensitizing compounds to their products to delay orgasm, allowing you to enjoy sex longer.

The use of these products carries minimal risk and leaves no residue. As a result of their topical application, more active ingredients are absorbed directly into the penis.


Price: 17 EUR