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Ipamorelin is a modern peptide for gaining lean muscle mass

It stimulates the body to additionally produce its own hormone, which has a positive effect on the growth of muscle fibers and activation of the fat burning process.

The secretion of a natural hormone in the human body irreversibly decreases with age. This process leads to a variety of consequences in the body, including aging and weakening of immune functions. But, among other things, with age, the ability to intensively gain muscle mass decreases with age. That is why a variety of hormonal drugs are now increasingly popular, which, for all their effectiveness, have some side effects.

Ipamorelin works differently. Once in the bloodstream, it stimulates the production of its own hormone, as a result of which the processes of recruiting muscles are activated, improving their relief and burning subcutaneous fat. Also, Ipamorelin does not increase appetite (unlike other less effective peptides), and also increases the duration and improves the quality of sleep.

It is thanks to its high efficiency and the absence of undesirable side effects that the Ipamorelin course is considered the most effective and is in high demand among athletes.

Scientifically studyed possible benefits of ipamorelin:

Ipamorelin possible side effects:

Will Ipamorelin Build Muscle?
YES: It promotes muscle growth; Ipamorelin contributes to the efficient production and use of the body's natural growth hormones, the main result: the promotion of cell regeneration and rejuvenation, increased muscle mass, strong bones and other benefits already mentioned above.

Does ipamorelin cause hunger?
NO: Ipamorelin does not increase ghrelin levels and therefore will not make you hungry. While some growth hormone peptides (mainly the GHRP-6 peptide) increase the production of the enzyme ghrelin, which stimulates hunger, ipamorelin does not.

Dosages and course of Ipamorelin
In scientific research and clinical trials, the optimal dose of ipamorelin is often reported as 1 mcg of ipamorelin per kg of body weight, three times a day.

The optimal duration of the course of Ipamorelin is considered to be a period of about one month. During this time, you can achieve high results in recruiting muscle tissue and burning subcutaneous fatty tissue. Due to its high versatility, this peptide works great in all directions. On average, dosages fluctuate around 1 μg per 1 kg of the athlete's weight. Injections must be given 3 times a day. For example:

This amount is enough to increase the relief of your muscles in a short time and raise your endurance and strength characteristics. Some athletes prefer to increase the dose to 1.5 mcg per 1 kg of body weight, however, this does not significantly affect the final result.

For combined courses, Ipamorelin is most often combined with various derivatives of the hormone. Also, joint receptions with other peptides are quite popular, which successfully mutually complement and enhance the action of each other.

 Pharmacological group: peptide.

Release form: vials for for subcutaneous injections.


A set consisting of 2-4 packs of Ipamorelin (10-20 vials total), 10-20 insulin syringes, 10-20 ampoules with water for injection and 10-20 alcohol wipes is available for purchase. The cost of this Ipamorelin Kit starts from 165 including shipping. The possibility of delivery of such a set is not available for all countries, you can check the details by email.


Manufacturer: Nanox, China.

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