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Phenazepam is the first benzodiazepine tranquilizer created in the USSR.

Initially, it was used for astronauts before the flight, to relieve pre-flight stress.

Phenazepam is a highly active tranquilizer. It is superior to other benzodiazepine and abenzodiazepine tranquilizers in terms of tranquilizing and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects; also has a pronounced anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant (muscle-relaxing) and hypnotic effects. Surpasses diazepam in anti-anxiety and hypnotic effects. The strength of the hypnotic effect is close to nitrazepam. When used together with sleeping pills and opioid drugs, there is a mutual reinforcement of the depressant effect on the central nervous system.

Phenazepam is prescribed:

Mechanism of action

Increases the inhibitory effect of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) on the transmission of nerve impulses. Stimulates DB-receptors (in the allosteric center, etc.).

Inhibits polysynaptic spinal reflexes, reduces the excitability of the subcortical structures of the brain (thalamus, hypothalamus and limbic system).

The anti-anxiety effect is due to the effect on the almond-shaped complex of the limbic system. This effect reduces anxiety, fear, anxiety and emotional stress.

Sedation is associated with effects on the nonspecific nuclei of the thalamus and the reticular formation of the brain stem. In particular, this effect also reduces the symptoms of neurotic origin, fear and anxiety.

The hypnotic effect is associated with inhibition of the cells of the reticular formation of the brain stem. Phenazepam reduces the effects of vegetative, emotional, motor (motor) stimuli that can disrupt the mechanism of falling asleep, and helps to fall asleep faster.

Anticonvulsant action occurs due to increased presynaptic inhibition. The excited state of the focus (excited nervous structure or group of neurons) does not eliminate, but the spread of convulsive impulse is suppressed.

The central muscle relaxant effect arises due to the inhibition of both monosynaptic (to a small extent) and polysynaptic spinal afferent inhibitory pathways. Probably, direct inhibition of the function of muscles and motor nerves is also caused.

What are the risks of phenazepam?

Taking phenazepam does involve risks. Here’s what it could do to you:
• Phenazepam is a powerful benzodiazepine and it is easy to take too much and overdose.
• Phenazepam is a depressant so mixing it with other depressant drugs like heroin, other tranquillisers or alcohol, can lead to an accidental overdose and possibly death.
• It takes a couple of hours for the effects of phenazepam to kick in. This means that there is a risk that people will re-dose before they feel the effects and increase their risk of overdosing.
• Phenazepam is used to make fake Valium (diazepam). 

Phenazepam and alcohol

You increase the risks to yourself if you combine phenazepam and alcohol - phenazepam is a depressant and if taken with other depressant drugs like alcohol, it can lead to an accidental overdose.

Dosing and Administration

Assign Phenazepam inward in the form of tablets. In an outpatient setting, adults are prescribed 0.00025-0.0005 g (0.25-0.5 mg) 2-3 times a day . In a hospital, the daily dose can be increased to 0.003-0.005 g (3-5 mg) [1]; In the treatment of epilepsy, the daily dose ranges from 0.002 to 0.01 g (2-10 mg).

For relief of alcohol withdrawal, 0.0025-0.005 g (2.5-5 mg) per day is prescribed. In sleep disorders, take 0.00025-0.001 g (0.25-1 mg) for 20-30 minutes before sleep. Sometimes the dose is increased to 0.0025 g (2.5 mg). The maximum daily dose should not exceed 0.01 g.

In the treatment of depersonalization, phenazepam is prescribed in large (4-8 mg) and very large (up to 20 mg) daily doses, which is explained by the fact that patients with depersonalization are resistant not only to the therapeutic effect of benzodiazepines, but also to their side effects

For the treatment of mild anxiety with long-term therapy - 0.5-3 mg per day, with severe anxiety (maximum doses) - 3-10 mg

Brand: Valenta Pharmaceuticals Russia

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