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Substances that change the bio-energetic and metabolic processes in brain cells have been known since ancient times, when they began to be used in various practices aimed at the expansion of consciousness. The task of scientists from the beginning of the 20th century was to make these changes aimed and controlled. And after the drugs for improving brain work became available to schoolchildren and students, the task of modern researchers became even more complicated: it became necessary to increase efficiency without increasing the risks to harm health.

The human body does not have eternal life and wear over the years. Over time, the body's systems suffer from various external factors, but the brunt is on the brain and memory. Every person sometimes forgets something, but for some people the loss of fragmentary memory is not an accidental phenomenon, but a constant, exhausting process in which treatment is necessary. In such situations, systematic training of the mind, revision of the day regimen, as well as medications for improving memory that stimulate the brain can help.

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