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Alphex Somatropin - Accelerated growth of muscles, indicators of strength and endurance

Looking for a perfect body, but growth hormones are expensive? Alphex Somatropin is a great start! 50 units will allow you to evaluate the action and make a final decision for yourself.

Alfex packaging contains 5 ampoules of 10 units of active substance. The daily intake is from 5 to 10 units, if your goal is to gain muscle mass, get rid of folds of fat and generally put the body in order!

Product Description Alphex Somatropin:

Also, this growth hormone helps to accelerate the processes of muscle regeneration, wound healing. It rejuvenates the body, which makes the drug especially popular among female athletes.

The main indicator of the quality of growth hormone is the degree of purification. Since GR is obtained artificially, the absence of unnecessary impurities is the guarantor of a successful result.

Alphex Somatropin has a purification rate of over 96%, which is an excellent indicator. By taking growth hormone for 60-90 days, you:
The effect will not disappear after the end of the admission, but will remain for many years. Buy Alphex Somatropin today and start working on yourself!

The manufacturer recommends:
Inject this growth hormone subcutaneously, very slowly, regularly changing the injection site so as not to cause the development of lipoatrophy. Dissolve the contents of the bottle in 1 ml of special bacteriostatic water. And then everything is simple - you need to take a syringe, fill it with a solvent and insert it into the bottle with the drug as accurately as possible through the stopper. Then, with smooth movements, try to achieve complete dissolution of the growth hormone Alphex Somatropin. The daily dosage for men varies from 5 to 10 IU, for women - from 1 to 2.5 IU.

Pharmacological group: human growth hormone.

Dosage form: Lyophilized Powder.

Release form:
One package of Alphex HGH (Somatropin) consists of 5 vials of 10IU (50 IU total).
Manufactured in accordance with GMP standarts
The addition of innovative components increasing product life-time up to 2 years and  6 month stored in room temperature below 20°c
Product conterfeit protection system




A set consisting of 2 packs of Alphex Somatropin (100iu total), 10 insulin syringes, 10 ampoules with water for injection and 10 alcohol wipes is available for purchase. The cost of this HGH Kit is € 185 including shipping. The possibility of delivery of such a set is not available for all countries, you can check the details by email.

Manufacturer: ALPHEX Biochemical Corp., Hong Kong

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