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Cobra-120, Anaconda-120, Erex-120 (sildenalafil)
The names are different, the effect is the same

Erection in one hour and lasts up to three days.

Usage: You should first try half a tablet one hour before the planned sexual intercourse. If the effect is small, then a tablet next time. Some effects last 3 to 5 days.

Remember! The same pill does not give any erection, it is necessary to shake - a partner with a foreplay or manual stimulation.

Side Effects: Rarely, drowsiness, changes in skin sensitivity, nasal congestion can occur. In this case, reduce the dose.

Caution! No more than one tablet in 24 hours! This preparation does not cure anything - it only helps to maintain an erection at this time.

Especially effective when used simultaneously with UNCLEYAH Penis Gel. Altogether, a synergistic effect arises: the tablet acts from the inside, the gel acts from the outside through the skin.

Manufactured for Samok Overseas
Cambay, Gujarat, India

Price: 16 EUR (five large tablets of 120 mg each)


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