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Noopept® - vegetative, anxiolytic and antiasthenic stabilizer

Nootropic drugs or, as they are also called, nootropics (from the Greek noos-mind and tropos-turn, direction) are medicinal substances that selectively improve the functions of the brain and increase its resistance to various damaging factors. Russian scientists have been studying the properties of the brain for decades, after which they have developed and patented an innovative drug from this group - Noopept®.
Noopept® is a unique peptide-structured nootropic drug that affects 3 stages of memory: initial processing, storage and retrieval (reproduction). In addition, Noopept® has neuroprotective properties, protecting the brain from harmful effects and restoring its functions after injuries. Noopept has confirmed the presence of a vegetative-normalizing effect, that is, the ability to reduce headaches, dizziness, palpitations and meteorological dependence in vegetative-vascular disorders.
Noopept® possesses
  • Vegetative stabilizing, anxiolytic and antiasthenic action;
  • A complex effect on the rheological properties of blood;
  • Proven efficacy and safety for cognitive disorders of various origins (vascular and traumatic), incl. in comparison with piracetam;
  • The development of a full-fledged nootropic action as early as 2-3 weeks of therapy;
  • Lack of psychostimulating action;
  • Favorable safety profile and wide therapeutic window.
Indications for use
Impaired memory, attention, other cognitive functions and emotionally labile disorders (including in elderly patients);
the consequences of traumatic brain injury;
post-concussion syndrome;
cerebrovascular insufficiency (encephalopathies of various origins);
asthenic disorders;
other conditions with signs of decreased intellectual productivity.
It has proven efficacy and a favorable safety profile for cognitive disorders of various origins (vascular and traumatic), incl. versus piracetam.
Promising results for the immune system

Beyond its activity in the neurological sphere, Noopept could act in other parts of the body. This is in any case what several studies carried out on the action of this molecule in the immune system suggest. These works suggest that this nootropic substance could have beneficial effects for the defense of the organism. Indeed, this molecule seems to cause an increase in the proliferation of certain immune cells such as splenocytes or T lymphocytes. These agents of immunity play a key role in destroying pathogenic cells, both abnormal cells and cells infected by bacteria or virus. Other results suggest that this patented molecule could reduce immunosuppression, which is equivalent to the inhibition of immune activity. These mechanisms of action could contribute to the neuroprotective effect of Noopept.
Noopept® is an original drug made in Russia, all others are fake


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