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Pills to improve erectionSexual health is an important component in the life of a man. Always be at the height of the strong sex will help not only specific male stimulants, but also a reasonable attitude to the reserves of your body.

Half of men over 40 sooner or later face erectile dysfunction. However, according to medical statistics, impotence is “getting younger” every year: middle-aged people and even young men also come to see a doctor. Experts explain the current situation by a change in lifestyle of citizens (reduced physical exertion, unbalanced nutrition), ecological situation and even the growing role of social networks in communicating with women - the lack of physical interaction in the first stages of dating negatively affects the hormonal background of a man.

How to increase the potency?

Physical exercises. The image of a handsome and toned-up man is no coincidence that attracts women's views - a good sports form implies order in the work of the reproductive system. And indeed: obese men who neglect exercise are more likely to experience impotence than those who regularly go to the gym or reel kilometers on a treadmill. The fact is that body fat increases the production of female sex hormones that suppress the work of testosterone. Therefore, many fans of the “sofa-beer” lifestyle, not only develop problems with erection over time, but also stop the growth of facial hair, and also appear signs of gynecomastia (breast glands increase in size).

A decrease in potency is certainly stress for a man. However, there is no reason to perceive it tragically: in the opinion of doctors, irreparable cases of this kind are almost never encountered. Do not postpone the visit to the doctor if you have noticed signs of erectile dysfunction. After all, the sooner the treatment begins, the sooner you will regain the joy of a vibrant sex life.

There are two types of drugs to stimulate potency:
- pharmaceutical, created by synthetic means;
- natural origin (stimulants, natural supplements, creams).

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