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Wild Harvested Organic Leuzea (Rhaponticum carthamoides) - Altai Maral's Root

Leuzea safflower, or Maral's root (Leuzea carthamoides D.C.) has long been used in folk medicine in Central Asia. The plant grows in the Altai mountains, in Western and Eastern Siberia, Mongolia and China, in Central Asia. Its leaves, stem and, especially, rhizomes and root contain biologically active substances that accumulate at the end of the growing season: alkaloids, ecdisten, sugars, essential oils, inulin, phosphoric acid salts, tannins and resinous substances.

Why is Leuzea root also called Maral's root? Maral is an Altai deer. And they dig up and eat the roots of the leuzea during the mating season to increase their strength, stamina and sexual performance.

 Maral's Root May Help Promote Muscle Building Processes!

 Bodybuilding and Fitness Recovery - rhaponticum carthamoides contains a number of antioxidant flavonoids and natural sterols, including a substance called 20-Hydroxyecdysone, which has been shown to increase protein production at the cellular level, and in turn enhance the production of muscle tissue. Rhaponticum can significantly increase muscle mass, while decreasing body fat in athletes who use it while exercising.

The main component of interest to athletes is ecdysterone

(ecdisten, ratibol) is a steroid compound. It has a tonic effect, increases physical performance. Enhances protein biosynthesis in the body. It does not possess hormone-like properties (despite the similarity in structure to steroid compounds).


Leuzea preparations have a tonic and stimulating effect. Their main pharmacological properties are: increasing the strength of contraction and muscle performance, improving the blood supply to muscles and the brain. Leuzea is used for functional disorders of the central nervous system, loss of strength, mental and physical fatigue, when working in extreme conditions, insomnia, diabetes, chronic alcoholism. With prolonged use, morbidity decreases, self-esteem of health improves, heart rate decreases during exercise, static endurance and fine coordination of the hand increases, mental performance improves, the number of leukocytes and erythrocytes increases, hemoglobin content increases. After a single dose of Leuzea extract, a stimulating effect on the central nervous system is noted. At the same time, the hemodynamic response to physical activity is also softened and the recovery period after it is reduced (less than when taking Eleutherococcus, but more than after taking ginseng).

Leuzea has a mild, physiological vasodilator effect. With its regular consumption, the lumen of the vascular bed increases and the power of contraction of the heart muscle increases (the heart rate decreases in this case).

Leuzea noticeably increases the sexual activity of men. Testosterone levels do not increase when taken. This is due to both a stimulating effect on the nerve centers and an increase in general anabolism.

Leuzea has no contraindications, the only case when its reception can be harmful is the appointment of patients with schizophrenia during an exacerbation.

Recommendations for use in sports:

  • Increase and maintain muscle mass.
  • Violation of metabolic processes in the heart muscle.
  • Various maladjustments (overtraining).
  • Liver diseases, together with hepatoprotectors.
  • Anemia (in conjunction with iron supplements).
  • Boosting libido of men.

The most frequently cited benefit of Safflower Leuzea is the stimulation of muscle growth in bodybuilding.

Key findings:

Safflower Leuzea belongs to a special class of plants, adaptogens that help the body to resist harmful environmental influences, diseases and stress conditions.

The main active substance in the composition of Leuzea safflower are ecdysteroids - natural hormone-like substances responsible for its beneficial properties, including anabolic ones, for which Leuzea is taken in sports and bodybuilding.

The mechanism of action of leuzea is not the same as that of anabolic steroids: the ecdysteroids in its composition act directly on the structural elements of cells responsible for protein synthesis.

Reviews of scientists about the benefits of Leuzea in bodybuilding indicate that its use significantly increases muscle strength and mass, and its effect can be superior in effectiveness to anabolic steroidsI Its intake increases endurance and performance, improving the functional characteristics of blood.

Animal studies confirm that Leuzea extract has no side effects even when consumed in high doses. Leuzea ecdysteroids are considered a safe alternative to anabolic steroids.

Complete list of beneficial properties of leuzea (maral's root):

  • adaptogenic;
  • anabolic;
  • antioxidant: neutralization of free radicals and other oxidants in the body, which are factors in the development of many diseases;
  • helps prevent brain stroke and after stroke helps recover faster;

  • immunomodulatory: improve immunity;
  • antineoplastic: counteracting the development of cancer;
  • antimicrobial and antiparasitic;
  • cardioprotective: benefits for the heart;
  • antidepressant;
  • increase in potency and stimulation of libido of men.;
  • anti-pain;
  • wound healing;
  • normalizes blood glucose levels, which can be beneficial for diabetes;
  • lowers blood cholesterol levels;
  • useful for the health of the circulatory system: enhances hematopoietic function, improves coronary blood flow (blood supply to the heart itself), restores normal heart rate in critical conditions, is useful for arrhythmias, ischemic heart disease, angina pectoris, recovery from myocardial infarction, treatment of atherosclerosis;
  • has a positive effect on liver and kidney function, which also distinguishes it from anabolic steroids, the list of side effects of which is dysfunction of both.

Chemical composition:

The complex of biologically active substances contains 65 phytoecdysteroids, 18 vitamins and vitamin-like substances; proteins, peptides; increased amounts of water-soluble macroelements K, N, Na, P; a set of vital trace elements in optimal concentrations. The exchange energy content is 11.5-12.2 MJ/kg. Nutritional value is equal to 1.2-1.3 CFU.

Phytoecdysteroids. The total content of phytoecdysteroids reaches 0.44%. There are such highly active ecdysteroids as: rapisterone D, dachryhainansterone, 24 (28) -dehydro-makisterone A, 22-benzoate-ecdysterone, 5-deoxy-kaladasterone, polypodine B, ecdysterone (20-hydroxyecdysone), mjakisterone C and C, integristerone A and B, leuzeasterone, carthamosterone, coronatasterone.
Other ecdysteroids: ecdysone, amarasterone A, carthamoleusterone, makisterone A, inokosterone, lesterone; rapisterone A, B, C, D; viticosterone E; carthamosterone A and B; isovitexirone; poststerone, 14-epi-ponasterone A, 15-hydroxyponasterone A; (z) -24 (28) -dehydroamarasterone B; taxisterone, turke- sterone, rubrosterone, rhapontisterone, pterosterone, etc.

Proteins and amino acids. Protein content - 27-31%. Essential amino acids - up to 14-16% (lysine - 16.5 mg / g; threonine - 10.8 mg / g; leucine - 19.3 mg / g; isoleucine - 9.5 mg / g; phenylalanine - 11.5 mg / g; histidine - 4.5 mg / g; tyrosine - 12.5 mg / g; valine - 13.9 mg / g; arginine - 11.0 mg / g). In the composition of nonessential amino acids, an increased content of proline is observed - 29.2 mg / g; aspartic acid - 34.6 mg / g and glutamic acid - 25.5 mg / g.

Vitamins. Identified 18 vitamins and vitamin-like substances (mg /%), including: carotenoids (vitamin A) - 310-650; ascorbic acid (vitamin C) - 41.5-62.0; chlorophyll - 86.0; flavonoids (vitamin P) - 400.0; folic acid (vitamin B9) - 34.0; riboflavin (vitamin B2) - 0.46; tocopherol (vitamin E) - 3.6-6.2; phylloquinones (vitamin K1) - 0.32-2.66; thiamine (vitamin B1) - 0.88; biotin (vitamin H) - 0.006; meso-inositol - 145.3; pantothenic acid (vitamin B3) - 0.56; niacin (vitamin PP) - 11.52; pyridoxine (vitamin B6) - 0.28.

Macronutrients. It is characterized by an increased content of water-soluble ions of potassium, nitrogen, sodium, phosphorus. Content of elements: K - 3.1-4.7%: N - 2.8-3.8%; P - 0.3-0.5%; Mg - 0.15-0.39%; Ca
- 1.5-2.9%; S - 0.11-0.15%; Si - 0.10-0.14%; Cl - 0.18-0.60%; Na - 0.07-0.12%; Fe - 0.03-0.05%; Al - 0.003-0.004%.

Microelements. In addition to the main structural macronutrients (Ca, P, Si, K, Na, Cl, S), the presence of 47 trace elements, including 15 vital (I, Cu, Zn, Fe, Co, Cr, Mo, Ni, V, Se, Mn, As, F, Si, Li) and 4 conditionally essential (Rb, Cd, Pb, Sn). A distinctive feature is the presence of stimulating and human survival elements (Li, Ti, Ga, Ge, Rb, Zr, As, Ba, Au, Hg) or elements, the deficiency of which leads to diseases (Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn , Cr, Se, Mo, I, Co, F, Si).

Does not contain alkaloids, triterpene saponins, narcotic or poisonous substances. The content of heavy metals (Hg, Cd, As, Ni, Pb, Cu, Zn) does not exceed the background level. Chlorine and organophosphorus compounds (pesticides and herbicides) are absent. The content of 90 Sr and 137 Cs radionuclides is 1.5 and 100 times lower than the standard level. The level of nitrates and nitrites is within normal limits.

Other ingredients. Lipids (about 5%), sugar-carbohydrates (8-10%), polysaccharides, inulin, dietary fiber (12-15%), organic and phenolic acids, flavonoids, flavonols, tannins, lignans, stilbenes, quinones, anthocyanins, unsaturated fatty acids, essential oil, etc. The dry matter content is about 90%. Ash content is 10-12%, organic and mineral impurities are absent.

Instructions for use - infusion:

Add 5 gm Leuzea root to a thermos and pour 250 ml boiling water, insist for 30 minutes. Take 1/3 cup orally 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals.

Prepare the tincture of leuzea root yourself:

After this period, strain the contents and drain for consumption.

Drink 1 teaspoon 2-3 times daily before meals. With long-term use, the duration of the course in some cases reaches 9 weeks.

Pour 0.2 liters of 40-degree vodka into the remaining roots and leave for at least 2 weeks (as long as possible). Take a tablespoon 2-3 times daily before meals.

Brewing tea is not effective. The best way is alcohol tincture. This quantity is enough for 2 months of daily intake.


Price (50 gr chopped root packaging):

29 EUR


Safflower Leuzea belongs to a special class of plants, adaptogens that help the body to resist harmful environmental influences, diseases and stress conditions.


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