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Clenbuterol course with Ketotifen

Ketotifen is an antiallergic drug, with a unique ability to restore the sensitivity of beta-2-adrenergic receptors to clenbuterol. This property has been repeatedly proven in studies involving not only patients with asthma, but also isolated lymphocytes. The mechanism of this effect is obviously related not to histamine receptors, but to inhibition of phosphodiesterase, which regulates cAMP-dependent metabolism of all cells, which allows extrapolating the results obtained with lymphocytes to adipose tissue.
Similar effects of receptor sensitization have been observed in ketotifen and other beta-agonists, as confirmed by a large number of studies.
With the help of ketotifen, you can accelerate the process of weight loss or drying by 10-20% and prolong the course to 8 weeks. In addition, ketotifen helps to eliminate mental agitation, tremors of the extremities, insomnia and heart palpitations.
To reduce the side effects, you should take metoprolol or bisoprolol, as well as ketotifen.

Do not forget to take enough protein, BCAA and other cortisol blockers during the cycle, this will significantly improve the result. Observe the appropriate diet for weight loss or drying.

The course includes:
- 3 packs of Clenbuterol for 50 tablets (20mcg);
- 2 packs of Ketotifen 30 tablets (1mg).
    day 1: 20 μg clenbuterol
    day 2: 40 μg clenbuterol
    day 3: 60 μg clenbuterol
    day 4: 80 μg clenbuterol
    day 5: 100 μg clenbuterol + 1 mg ketotifen
    day 6-27: 120 μg clenbuterol + 2 mg ketotifen
    day 28: 80 μg clenbuterol + 2 mg ketotifen
    day 29: 50 μg clenbuterol + 1-2 mg ketotifen
    day 30: 33-35 μg clenbuterol + 1 mg ketotifen
    at least two weeks break

Price 1 course: 95 eur

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